Is phobos too fluffy?

Uknown sireeshkodali1 at
Sat Sep 19 16:20:07 UTC 2020

On Saturday, 19 September 2020 at 16:12:52 UTC, data pulverizer 
> On Saturday, 19 September 2020 at 15:08:12 UTC, Andrei 
> Alexandrescu wrote:
>> On 9/19/20 9:00 AM, data pulverizer wrote:
>>> [...]

the linux kernel has a rule: all code has to be indented with 
tabs. Its for a single reason: more left leaning code is faster 
(heh Andrei). As Andrei already mentioned, less indented code 
allows people to nest more, which makes for arguable worse 

What you really want is a column limit too. The linux kernel 
enforces 80 columns, for phobos something like 100-120 probably 
makes more sense. It would make sure no one writes overly nested 
code, and at the same time make sure you don't have to scroll all 
the way to the right.


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