Vibe.d on Windows

Martyn norealaddreass at
Mon Sep 21 08:50:59 UTC 2020

Hi all. New member but been into D for a little while.

Bit of a backstory - I look after software for a particular 
company. Their systems are old and (still) using things like VB6 
and Classic ASP. Yes they are Windows Servers. I have managed to 
update some of their software to .NET when the opportunity 
presents itself.

With regards to their web tools - I want to re-write their 
classic ASP to something else. Now I could use .NET Core or 
similar.. but I would also be interested in moving their tools 
over to the D language.

I am primarily a Linux user and have played about with Vibe.d and 
really like it. However, has anyone experienced using vibe.d for 
Windows and IIS? Is the process much harder?

Also, they use SQL Server. I have used D libraries for MySQL 
which are fine - but what is the status regarding D communicating 
with SQL Server?

I am just wondering if it is worth it - or whether I should just 
stay with C# .NET Core? I know C# is getting better installed and 
used in the Linux world but I just feel D is the better language 
as I could even encourage the company to move to Linux systems 
and save some pennies.

How do you guys find using D in the Windows environment (real 
projects and releases) as well as IIS and SQL Server? What about 
build a D program to be a Windows Service??


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