Rant time? Rant time.

ag0aep6g anonymous at example.com
Mon Sep 21 11:20:30 UTC 2020

On 21.09.20 12:55, FeepingCreature wrote:
> Okay, real talk.
> D is *incredibly* uneven.
[... more good stuff ... ]
> The bad part is the years of picking up the problematic parts, the 
> features to avoid, and the parts that are just silently broken. The bad 
> part is the hours spent exploring "maybe I can do X", getting incredibly 
> close, then failing due to a bug reported in 2012.
> There's a reason so many D devs run off to develop their own language. D 
> shows you what is possible with C-like languages, then falls short. It 
> ruins you for other languages, but it's too frustrating to really love.
> Still the best language I know. At least for now, until my current 
> compiler project is off the ground...

So say we all.

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