[SAoC] "Druntime for Microcontrollers" project thread

WebFreak001 d.forum at webfreak.org
Mon Sep 21 16:34:26 UTC 2020

On Monday, 14 September 2020 at 07:59:08 UTC, Severin Teona wrote:
> [...]

cool thanks for this project! I have before also used D on AVR 
devices (8 bit microcontrollers) where I ported libc-avr to D 
here: https://github.com/WebFreak001/avrd

Maybe that will help you get the idea of how to get D running on 
a completely different hardware with betterC first. For porting 
object.d and the druntime check out Adam D. Ruppe's WebAssembly 
object.d, which is a very minimal good starting point where you 
just add features incrementally as you need them.

Don't forget to make a post when you get a basic D application 
with the most minimal runtime (just object.d without phobos and a 
lot of druntime) running with TockOS, I would love to try it out 
running it on my PineTime which I wanted to program for a while 

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