static map as a type function

Stefan Koch uplink.coder at
Thu Sep 24 06:07:03 UTC 2020

On Thursday, 24 September 2020 at 05:51:30 UTC, H. S. Teoh wrote:
I've mentioned this before in one of Stefan's threads.
> Basically, to promote types to first-class citizen status, all 
> we need to do is to treat typeid specially at compile-time.  At 
> compile-time, typeid becomes something like a glorified alias 
> to the type itself, such that it can be manipulated, passed 
> around, interrogated, etc..  At runtime, typeid becomes the 
> familiar RTTI object.

Whether you call it `alias` or `typeid` you need the same 
Infact type functions work in that way.
Just that type functions have some more functionality to take 
care of more commonly needed meta-programming exercises.

I don't see where the difference is other than a syntactic one.

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