Ghosting a language feature

Avrina avrina12309412342 at
Fri Sep 25 17:40:11 UTC 2020

On Friday, 25 September 2020 at 15:49:54 UTC, Don wrote:
> Unfortunately there was a wrong-code bug in the compiler, which 
> happened if compiled with -fPIC. This was only fixed in the 
> most recent compiler release.
> So, we have to jump forward many releases. And these releases 
> included some huge deprecations. When I did this, the compiler 
> spat out over 3000 errors. In many of these cases the required 
> changes were far from trivial. Most of the team has left by 
> that point, so I have to make the changes and hope I didn't 
> break something in the process.
> Then, after making all these changes, I discover there's been a 
> regression before the -fPIC fix. The regression is fixed since 
> the last release. So the only compiler that works is the 
> nightly build of dmd. This is so unprofessional it blows my 
> mind.

Wow that sounds like a nightmare. You should probably get 
Walter's attention some other way, he doesn't really read the 
forums, especially when he is met with criticism and isn't being 
praised with glory.

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