How to convert C to D using compiler?

bauss jj_1337 at
Wed Dec 8 13:19:52 UTC 2021

On Wednesday, 8 December 2021 at 13:13:05 UTC, Guillaume Piolat 
> On Wednesday, 8 December 2021 at 12:05:16 UTC, bauss wrote:
>> On Wednesday, 8 December 2021 at 09:23:41 UTC, Guillaume 
>> Piolat wrote:
>>> On Tuesday, 7 December 2021 at 16:43:21 UTC, ManKey wrote:
>>>> I tried this
>>>> ```
>>>> ldc2 test.i -mixin="test.d"
>>>> ```
>>>> but the test.d file is empty :(
>>> - you can do it by hand
>>> - or instead you can wait a few years that ImportC becomes 
>>> workable :)
>> It'll probably be dropped for the next big feature before 
>> being finished, just like everything else in D. Nothing is 
>> ever completed or workable. Only ever a subset works.
> Disagree.
> For example SIMD, array ops, DUB improved and transitionned 
> from unusable to workhorse.
> Stuff that no one cares about, on the other hand, gets in the 
> limbo zone much longer.

I listed things that has been unfinished for like a decade, how 
can you disagree by just stating a couple of examples that has 
been done?

I never said everything doesn't get finished. I said that 
ground-breaking features never gets finished, things that 
actually matters, like shared is still broken, nogc is still too 
limited, allocators don't work properly and have been in 
experimental for years, std.json has never been replaced, same 
with std.sockets etc. betterC is still somewhat limited, scope 
has so many bugs/edge cases that hasn't been solved, making it 
unusable in general. I could list probably a thousand other 
things where D has neglected existing features for new features.

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