[OT] C# can do all the interpolated strings now

Adam D Ruppe destructionator at gmail.com
Thu Dec 9 12:43:31 UTC 2021

On Thursday, 9 December 2021 at 10:43:07 UTC, deadalnix wrote:
> So I read the proposal for string interpolation in D, which I 
> understand to be this one: https://github.com/John-Colvin/YAIDIP
> The immediate thing that stroke me is the shell example. The 
> proposed exemple is simply terrible code as it allows for shell 
> injection.

You say you read it, then say something that is blatantly false 
about it.

This dip does NOT produce strings. It produces argument lists. 
The receiving function knows what was part of the string literal 
and what were arguments and can process them accordingly.

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