String interpolation, after a healthy debate on discord

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Tue Dec 14 11:11:31 UTC 2021

On Tuesday, 14 December 2021 at 09:50:15 UTC, bauss wrote:
> On Tuesday, 14 December 2021 at 09:35:27 UTC, WebFreak001 wrote:
>> [...]
> While I completely understand the proposal then I think it's 
> the wrong approach as it adds an infinite amount of complexity 
> for something that barely solves any issues that exist today.

I think the complexity for the syntax and the language itself is 
quite little - and it's basically the same thing as JS template 
string literals too, but with the special ignore cases for 
letters i/r/q. It's not going to solve any issues if nobody 
implements it. It's completely just an extension to the language, 
but then is going to be a big help to making both more pretty 
code with `text`

The implementation of these functions is going to be a little 

> Arguably while it solves some problems it's definitely going to 
> introduce new issues with it.

I can see that the new istring calling syntax could introduce 
issues if we want to add more string types through prefixes in 
the future, but I think that would be worth it for a quite 
versatile feature. The feature in other languages (like JS) has 
shown great use-cases, an example:

^ that link contains lots of cool examples we could have in D 
like that too. Some type-safe data structure creation helper, 
some string / template language processors with nicer syntax, 
some useful every-day utilities.

I think overall it will solve more issues than introducing new 

> Has D forgotten Scott's talk, along with the common saying that 
> sometimes less is more?
> D has so many concepts that it's almost impossible to wrap your 
> head around D idioms and be an expert at D since there are so 
> many edge-cases for each feature, so many issues that each 
> feature tries to solve.
> Every feature D gets added is always added in the most complex 
> way possible to solve as many problems as possible, instead of 
> just solving a handful of problems that are mostly relevant 
> then D tries to solve ALL problems, relevant or not.
> It's ultimately D's downfall that features are too complex.

it's a complex feature. However you don't really care about its 
implementation or complexity unless you want to implement a 
function for it yourself. All the average user might even want to 
think about is `text"..."`, which you could look at like it's 
special language syntax. It's something library authors can use 
and document to make more readable, better library functions.

Overall I think there is more benefit in adding this than not 
adding this.

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