Challenge: write a reference counted slice that works as much as possible like a built-in slice

Elronnd elronnd at
Wed Dec 15 09:53:41 UTC 2021

On Wednesday, 15 December 2021 at 08:27:25 UTC, RazvanN wrote:
> My perspective is that currently you have an easy way to bypass 
> destruction but you need to do the union trick to bypass 
> destruction. I would vote for having a dip that would somehow 
> make it easy to express the intent that you want to avoid 
> destruction for a specific object.

(In particular, I agree with the other folks you cite that 
void-initialisation should not bypass destruction.  To me, 
void-initialisation is not a way of _bypassing_ construction, but 
is an _optimization_ you can apply when the compiler tried to 
construct some object more than once.

But I agree that it should be possible to bypass destruction.)

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