SAOC LLDB D integration: 13th Weekly Update

Luís Ferreira contact at
Fri Dec 17 00:32:10 UTC 2021

Hi D community!

I'm here again, to describe what I've done during the thirteenth 
week of
Symmetry Autumn of Code. This week as a bit atypical as I got 
infected with
COVID-19 and this made me feel exhausted both physically and 

## Working approach to fetch basic types

After digging a bit about the problem I found out there is no 
specifically in Release builds, and a simple function called 
`Verify` is there
to double check if the type is correct for Debug builds. After 
fixing that
function, the LLDB can now dump some simple output about global 
TLS and non-TLS

(lldb) ta v
Global variables for app.d in app: = <No TLS data currently exists for this thread.>

app.ptr = <could not resolve type>
app.foobar =

For now it only recognizes boolean types, but it can't show up 
the value since
LLDB doesn't know a way to dump it correctly.

You can try this version yourself using

## Decoupling and trivial patches

I pushed a patch to decouple DWARF to LLDB encoding logic from 
Parser, along with a trivial fix about duplicate map assignment:


## What is next?

I already started working on some helpers to fetch the LLDB 
Format, Encoding
and BasicType, along with other information about a type to 
properly display
them. I'm not sure how Milestone 4 is going to work, as I 
the support for custom expessions.

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