Reed Solomon codes

Era Scarecrow rtcvb32 at
Mon Dec 20 18:07:07 UTC 2021

Ugg... Watching and reading and trying to understand Polynomial 
math is melting my brain. I doubt i will be able to add in 
unittest to each function to prove they are working right other 
than the final result tests.

I did some tests where i made it 16bit symbols and it worked just 
fine (*although a little slower*), the biggest advantage is the 
range the generated codeword uses covers a max of 131070 bytes vs 
255 bytes, which would make it usable for say several blocks of 
sectors for say a tape backup or large compressed files in an 

Probably I'll have 2 ports, one for 8bit symbols and another for 
any symbol size (*3bit-24bit supported, after 24bit it eats way 
too much memory for the tables generated that are used, 24bit 
tables would eat up 256Mb-512Mb, but looks like it would cover a 
50Mb area*).

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