MacOS:MaxOfferDeal-CY [Adw]

N!one N!one at
Tue Dec 21 08:47:11 UTC 2021

I'm currently running dmd v2.098.0 and 2.096.0 on MacOS Big Sur 
(11.6.2) and am running into an issue with AVG antivirus.

Apparently, anything processing strings from the standard library 
matches the virus signature shown on the subject line. It 
quarantines all object files produced from any of the following:

      import std.stdio: writef;
      writef("%s", "This is a test!\n");

      import std.file: read;
      auto data = read("somefile.txt");

      import std.conv: to;
      auto d = to!double("1.6");
      auto s = to!string(1.6);

     import std.utf;
     auto ndx = toUCSindex(`hello world`, 7);

I just ran into this yesterday.


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