Nim's ORC - Vorsprung durch Algorithmen

IGotD- nise at
Mon Feb 1 17:30:30 UTC 2021

On Monday, 1 February 2021 at 14:08:06 UTC, Petar Kirov 
[ZombineDev] wrote:
> Nim has a strict separation between "managed" and raw pointers, 
> while in D they're the same type (class references also have 
> unclear ownership semantics).

Yes, that's is what makes the difference. Nim has all the degrees 
of freedom when it comes to changing GC algorithms and has 
several possible GC algorithm that the programmer can choose 
from. D is painted into a corner because the lack of managed 

Also, regarding DIP1000 and DIP1021 is going nowhere. I haven't 
seen any plan what this would in the end produce and therefore it 
is just an unplanned attempt and has nothing to do with improving 
the GC.

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