DIP1027 + Design by Introspection

Daniel N no at public.email
Tue Feb 2 15:55:23 UTC 2021

DIP1027 + Design by Introspection

Since DIP1027 is simpler than DIP1036 I wanted to take a step 
back and see what could be done to fix DIP1027 to be even better 
than DIP1036.

1) q{} is designed for code generation it needs to be supported 
with Interpolation.
2) DbI

IMHO both DIP1027 and DIP1036 suffers when trying to support 
custom formatting...
which makes the syntax as hard to read as the original manual 
writefln format string.

My DIP1027+ proposal is based on UDA and can support any function 
with trivial syntax.
   printf(i"I ate $apples and $bananas totalling $(apples + 
bananas) fruit.");
writefln(i"I ate $apples and $bananas totalling $(apples + 
bananas) fruit.");

Key insight, the function specifies what format it expects.
printf(...)   @formatting!printf_style
writefln(...) @formatting!writefln_style
This way it doesn't have to be repeated in user-facing code over 
and over.

Basically the compiler will invoke "printf_style!int" and the 
function will return "%d",
the compiler doesn't know anything about printf, it will just 
introspect/ask the function.

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