Integrating vibe.d with Japronto?

bachmeier no at
Sat Feb 20 09:55:45 UTC 2021

On Friday, 19 February 2021 at 15:30:07 UTC, James Lu wrote:
> Japronto is a Python library for HTTP networking primarily 
> written in C. It boasts incredible performance, beating Go, 
> Node.js, and other Python libraries by one magnitude:
> Since it is written in C, can we fork it and integrate it with 
> D?

The readme - last updated in 2018 - says it's unfinished software 
that is not under active development. The benchmark results are 
limited to a "hello world" app.

That said, the C code includes Python bindings. You should in 
principle be able to call those bindings directly from D (I 
haven't used pyd). That would allow you to determine if it brings 
anything useful to the table for the D community.

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