tree-sitter: parser generator tool and an incremental parsing library

Laurent Tréguier laurent.treguier.sink at
Wed Feb 24 13:56:39 UTC 2021

On Monday, 22 February 2021 at 15:56:39 UTC, James Blachly wrote:
> (currently #1 on 
> HN)
> Will be keeping an eye on this. If it gains traction*, it would 
> be nice (and possibly important) to have a Dlang parser. 
> Haven't looked in depth at the grammar yet -- appears to be 
> context free grammar.
> *Supposedly Neovim will be using this going forward

I tried making a tree-sitter grammar for D a long while ago, it 
needed some custom C code for stuff like WYSIWYG strings and some 
other things I think. Another issue was that D's official grammar 
not quite always reflecting the compiler's actual behavior.

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