Why D is not a popular language?

Nick Treleaven nick at geany.org
Fri Jan 15 13:21:34 UTC 2021

On Thursday, 14 January 2021 at 16:47:51 UTC, Q. Schroll wrote:
> Moving from https://forum.dlang.org/group/learn to 
> stackoverflow (SO) would probably give D some more visibility.
> Just for the sake of code blocks and syntax highlighting, the 
> move to stackoverflow would be a win.

Good idea, it would also be better for people googling dlang 
questions because they can quickly see the best answers that have 
been voted up. The question would often also be clearer and with 
a better title due to editing, so more likely to be picked up by 

(Often I've searched the forum and failed to find the post I 
remember seeing despite using clear search terms).

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