Walter knowingly, silently unfixed a bug

ag0aep6g anonymous at
Mon Jul 19 15:28:06 UTC 2021

On 19.07.21 16:55, WebFreak001 wrote:
> in the last force push it seems the file was moved:

I'm not sure I know how to read these things, but it looks bad to me. 
AFAICT, this is the version that was reviewed: 

fix17635.d was not touched in that version.

Jacob approved at 2018-03-18T11:36:52Z.

And this is the oldest version I can see that messes with fix17635.d: 

So it looks like Walter pushed non-trivial updates after the approval. 
And then he merged his own pull request based on the outdated approval.

> I haven't really thought about the content yet though, it might be that 
> this could actually be a more correct behavior, which might be why 
> Walter did this change.

It's not more correct. But even if it were, Walter would need to (1) 
explain that and (2) update the Bugzilla issue accordingly (mark invalid 
instead of fixed).

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