Enum literals, good? bad? what do you think?

Walter Bright newshound2 at digitalmars.com
Thu Jul 22 08:33:07 UTC 2021

On 7/21/2021 11:12 PM, zjh wrote:
> As a `plain user`, I hope to have the same convenience as `C++`.
> I know you are very professional. But, the development of `the D language`,Don't 
> you need a lot of `primary users`?
> IMO, As a language leader, You should provide users with a variety of choices 
> like `C++`.
> When users feel great, they will naturally let their friends to use `D`.
> `C++'s` advantage is although It don't do well, but It provide you basic 
> facilities.
> `D`,the biggest weakness is ecology. Ecology is made up of users. A large number 
> of users may not be as professional as you.
> So I think `d` should work hard on `small details` to gain users.
> I've been saying that the biggest advantage of D is `better c++`, which can 
> attract `C++ programmers`.
> `C++ programmer`, can help `D` in two places, one is to bring the user, the 
> other is to bring the library which brings the user.
> Therefore, D should pay more attention to the experience of the `C++ man`, 
> rather than the average force, resulting in nothing.

One of D's goals is to not have C++ features that cause more problems than they 
are worth. Of course, this is a judgement call and people have different 
opinions about it.

It's also pretty clear that every feature C++ has, good or bad, has its 
adherents and champions.

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