[core.reflect] TemplateInstance reflection

Stefan Koch uplink.coder at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 4 09:46:03 UTC 2021

On Monday, 4 October 2021 at 09:31:45 UTC, bauss wrote:
> On Monday, 4 October 2021 at 07:26:30 UTC, Stefan Koch wrote:
>> Such that there is at least the possibility of changing one 
>> without having to change the other at the same time.
> That would also help when it comes to user code, as users 
> wouldn't have to change due to breaking changes, only 
> core.reflect behind the scene would have to maintain breaking 
> changes.
> Unless that's what you meant

That is exactly what I meant.
The interface for the reflection consumer it supposed to be 
stable after it has shown that it is sufficient.

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