[OT] What are D's values?

Paul Backus snarwin at gmail.com
Mon Oct 4 13:23:40 UTC 2021

In ["Rust and Other Interesting Things"][1], Bryan Cantrill talks 
about the importance of a programming language's *values*.

Values, he says, are the things a language *prioritizes*--the 
things it chooses when difficult tradeoffs have to be made. For 
example: everyone agrees that both "safety" and "performance" are 
valuable, but when forced to choose, some languages (Java, 
Python) are willing to trade away some performance for additional 
safety, whereas others (C, C++) would rather give up safety to 
gain performance.

When we're choosing a programming language, Cantrill tells us, 
choosing one with the right *values* is just as important as 
choosing one with the right *features* and *ecosystem*--because 
values are what determine how those features and ecosystem will 
develop over time.

One slide in his presentation contains a list of things that a 
programming language might value:

     Approachability   Integrity        Robustness
     Availability      Maintainability  Safety
     Compatibility     Measurability    Security
     Composability     Operability      Simplicity
     Debuggability     Performance      Stability
     Expressiveness    Portability      Thoroughness
     Extensibility     Resiliency       Transparency
     Interoperability  Rigor            Velocity

I thought it might be fun to ask the D community: **which of the 
above values do you think are the most important to D? Choose no 
more than 5, and reply with your answer!**

I've put my answer below, encoded using [ROT13][2]. Try to come 
up with your own answer before you read mine, to avoid biasing 

[1]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wZ1pCpJUIM
[2]: https://rot13.com/


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qrfvtarq gb or   snzvyvne gb hfref bs bgure cbchyne ynathntrf 
(r.t., P, Wnin, Clguba,   Wninfpevcg). gbhe.qynat.bet zragvbaf n 
"tenqhny yrneavat pheir" nf na   rkcyvpvg qrfvta tbny.

* Rkcerffvirarff - jvgu srngherf yvxr grzcyngrf, zvkvaf, naq 
bcrengbe   bireybnqvat (vapyhqvat bcQvfcngpu), Q vf bar bs gur 
zbfg rkcerffvir ynathntrf   guvf fvqr bs Yvfc.

* Fnsrgl - abg whfg @fnsr, ohg nyfb qrsnhyg vavgvnyvmngvba bs 
inevnoyrf,   obhaqf-purpxvat sbe neenlf, rkprcgvbaf sbe reebe 
unaqyvat, naq ybgf bs bgure   yvggyr qrpvfvbaf.

* Cresbeznapr - angvir pbzcvyngvba, bs pbhefr, cyhf ybj-yriry 
srngherf yvxr enj   cbvagref, vayvar nfz, naq ohvyg-va FVZQ 

* Vagrebcrenovyvgl - abg bayl qbrf Q unir orfg-va-pynff P 
vagrebc, naq gur   qvfgvapgvba bs orvat bar bs gur bayl ynathntrf 
gb rira *nggrzcg* P++ vagrebc,   vg nyfb unf fhccbeg sbe 
Bowrpgvir-P pynffrf naq PBZ vagresnprf.

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