[OT] What are D's values?

Ali Çehreli acehreli at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 4 19:03:51 UTC 2021

On 10/4/21 6:23 AM, Paul Backus wrote:
> In ["Rust and Other Interesting Things"][1], Bryan Cantrill talks about 
> the importance of a programming language's *values*

 > [1]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wZ1pCpJUIM

This thread is on-topic. :)

As Mike Parker hinted in his report on the past DLang Foundation 
meeting, I talked to a professional (in a non-professional setting) who 
works for a branding agency. She told me that the branding process can 
involve the following steps:

1. Competitor audit - What do e.g. C++ and Rust say about themselves? 
What do we say? How do we speak? What do we talk about? How do we look?

2. Immersion meetings - What is the difference of D lang? What features 
are prominent? How is it superior to its competition? What does the 
audience expect from D lang and the competition? How does or can D lang 
respond to these expectations?

3. Positioning discussion - What is the purpose of D lang? Who does it 
target? What does it offer them? The strategy must be determined 
according to this.

4. Brand identity - messaging (What points should be brought forward 
when talking about D lang?), voice (How are we going to speak when 
talking about D lang? Professional? Friendly? Comedic? Expertly? etc), 
visual (How should D lang be seen? logo, colors, font, images, etc)

Apparently, in general, the first 3 steps take a month and the fourth 
step takes 2-3 months. Everybody is like us: It is hard to identify what 
a product actually is and how it can be branded most effectively.

Seeing how involved branding is, to be able to get to a level with our 
(supposed ;) ) competitors, I think we must work with professionals. We 
programmers are smart people and I appreciate our efforts to come up 
with tag lines, logos, web site designs, etc. but our smarts do not 
necessarily work well for branding.

So, I appreciate this timely thread very much, which should help answer 
the questions above.


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