[OT] What are D's values?

Chris Piker chris at hoopjump.com
Sat Oct 9 00:44:03 UTC 2021

On Monday, 4 October 2021 at 13:23:40 UTC, Paul Backus wrote:
> I thought it might be fun to ask the D community: **which of 
> the above values do you think are the most important to D?

A little while back I evaluated Go, Rust, D as a replacement for 
split python/C I'd been using for my day to day working language.
I wanted a compiled language, so that simple code was also fast.  
was still irritated with C++ template noise so, maybe unfairly, I 
that out.

In order not to sway my reasons, I haven't looked at the list of 
but here's five aspects I appreciated.

1. Humility - The language did not try to evangelize a 
    to do everything.  It laid out a big tool box and trusted me* 
as the
    programmer to pick the best approach for the job.

2. Compatibility - I still have a lot of C code lying around.  
    into C libraries is an absolute minimum requirement.

3. Completeness - With operator overloading, associative arrays,
    classes, lambda functions and yes, garbage collection, I'm 
    a wide range of tools for turning ideas into code.

4. Competence - After reading Andrei's book and browsing this 
forum I
    came to the opinion that seriously clever people were behind D.

5. Fun - The community seemed to be having fun with D.  That 
    started with the name.

*probably more then it should, but hey, flattery is nice.

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