please help me submit a bug!

workman workman at
Sat Oct 9 05:34:28 UTC 2021

On Friday, 8 October 2021 at 19:21:45 UTC, jfondren wrote:
> One of these is probably the case:
> 1. workman overlooked the line number in the error 
> output--there is no bug
> 2. workman did not overlook the line number but thinks it not 
> helpful enough. By "I hope compiler can print the lines" he 
> means that he wants more verbose output that points to the 
> array literal in context and explains why it uses the GC.
> 3. there is a bug and the compiler sometimes doesn't print the 
> error number.
> There are a lot of possibilities but the thread still isn't a 
> mystery novel.

Thanks for the list and tips.

It take me a lot time to location the bugs:

struct T {
         int     b;
         ubyte[] a;

enum T A = T(3, [1]);

extern(C) int  main(int argc, char** argv) @nogc nothrow {
         if(argc > 1 &&  A.b ) {
                 return 0;
         return 0;


test.d(7): Error: array literal in `@nogc` function `test.main` 
may cause a GC allocation

I am not able to find it because it not throw by a array literal, 
but by call a enum struct int filed(this struct also include a 
dynamic array).

In this case I dont get the line number,  and this A.b should be 
compile time const.

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