Worst ideas/features in programming languages?

deadalnix deadalnix at gmail.com
Wed Oct 13 21:20:54 UTC 2021

On Monday, 11 October 2021 at 15:59:10 UTC, Atila Neves wrote:
> I'm brainstorming about what I'll talk about at DConf, and 
> during a conversation with Walter I thought it might be cool to 
> talk about:
> * Worst features implemented in a non-toy language

It's a hard one. Variables implicitly declared as global in JS 
certainly is up there.

> * Worst features (in your opinion) in D

Pretty much anything working around the incompleteness of type 
qualifiers. @nogc, shared being a nightmare, the impossibility of 
having a proper container library, all stem from the same place.

> * Features you'd like to see in D

owned as a type qualifier. Because it would fix most of the 
problems for which many features have been introduced. I think we 
could reduce the language size overall by adding this one.

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