SAOC LLDB D integration: 4th Weekly Update

Luís Ferreira contact at
Thu Oct 14 15:31:58 UTC 2021

Hi D community!

I'm here again, to describe what I've done during the fourth week of
Symmetry Autumn of Code.

## Finishing the patch split

I'm happy to announce the full list of patches since the split:


This includes some little changes and it already have a ton of
discussion! Some things are little disappointing and other somewhat
rigid, in my point of view, since some patches are "too atomic"
according to the reviewers. Some other stuff, however I totally
understand, since it increases the overall LLVM code quality, even
though being nit picking. I'm going to try to circumvent the issues and
strive to push this forward as much as I can.

## Reflected GCC Patches

By reading the code twice, during the split, I found out some other
stuff considered interesting to change on the GCC side, so I made some

- Usage of distinguishable tuple(), instead of wrong templated
- Write distinguishable variadics and add missing tests to the test
- Add test cases for missing coverage tests:

I also generically answered previously submitted patches and resubmit
some malformed/wrong patches I made, with some help by Iain.

## Announcement on the `llvm-dev` mailing list

I announced the D demangler change into llvm-dev mailing list, as
requested by LLVM reviewers. If you want to interact and discuss there,
feel free to do it so:

## Minor updates on GCC bugzilla

I added this missing bugzilla report:

Since Eric Gallager added me to CC list for various fuzzing issues to
GCC demangler, I decided to create an issue about the time complexity
problem, , similar
to what was reported by c++ demangler

## What's next?

Next week I'm going to keep an eye on the patches and fix the suggested
changes, as usual. About the next milestone, I already have some drafts
about things to look at and differences between compilers DWARF
generation. I also have an hint of how to implement it, so probably I'm
going to work on some draft implementation. Because the demangler is
already ported/implemented, just reviewing is necessary, I think I can
move forward with a draft implementation of the next milestone,
although this is something I need to discuss with my mentor. On the
meanwhile, I made my TODO list open and automatically deployed, at
least daily, so you can see what I'm doing during the week
[here]( .

You can also read this on my blog:

Luís Ferreira @

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