"all versions" has become useless

Basile B. b2.temp at
Sat Oct 16 09:27:53 UTC 2021

On Friday, 15 October 2021 at 14:15:09 UTC, Steven Schveighoffer 
> Write a pretty trivial program to test if maybe a regression 
> happened on, and it now always has a server error.
> I believe the error is from a timeout because we have so many 
> versions of the compiler in the list.
> A couple ways to fix this:
> 1. Start incrementing the oldest version. Not ideal, but at 
> least better than not working. Probably the easiest fix.
> 2. Most likely it got through most of the versions. So you can 
> cache the partial result, and continue it on a subsequent run 
> (it already caches completed results).
> 3. Change the dropdown to range the "previous versions" when 
> they start timing out, i.e. instead of 2.060 - latest, you have 
> 2.060 - 2.065, and 2.066 - latest as a separate option.
> I use this facility all the time to see if something is a 
> regression or not, and it's no longer working. This is a 
> wonderful mechanism that I definitely miss.
> -Steve

4. "all versions" have for effect to automatically create a PR on 
a repo that run, as CI, the editor content on all the compilers, 
e.g using a special docker image.
when the user click "run" he's given a link to the (future) CI 

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