Rethinking the default class hierarchy: Milestone 1, Week 4

Robert Aron aronrobert293 at
Sat Oct 16 19:18:45 UTC 2021



Last week I managed to do the following tasks for #SAOC2021:
  - fixed all the tests(in dmd and druntime) that were failing 
after I introduced `ProtoObject` as the root of all objects
  - modified the DIP according to the reviews from my mentors
  - created a [pr]( with 
the DIP to the [DIPs repo](
  - implemented a first version of interfaces and mixins for 
`opCmp` and `opEquals`
  - added unittests for `opCmp` and `opEquals`
  - managed to remove `__monitor` from `ProtoObject`

The plan for the next milestone:
  - implement interfaces and mixins for `toHash` and `toString`
  - improve those already implemented
  - add an interface that adds `__monitor` in classes that extends 

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