Make using compiled libs with debug code better

Tejas notrealemail at
Tue Oct 19 02:02:31 UTC 2021

On Monday, 18 October 2021 at 23:29:09 UTC, rikki cattermole 
> On 19/10/2021 12:17 PM, Paul Backus wrote:
>> [...]
> That isn't radical at all.
> "I believe that range checking should be used far more often 
> than it currently is, but not everywhere. On the other hand I 
> am really assuming infallible hardware when I say this; surely 
> I wouldn't want to remove the parity check mechanism from the 
> hardware, even under a hypothetical assumption that it was 
> slowing down the computation. Additional memory protection is 
> necessary to prevent my program from harming someone else's, 
> and theirs from clobbering mine. My arguments are directed 
> towards compiled-in tests, not towards the hardware mechanisms 
> which are really needed to ensure reliability." - 1974 
> Structured Programming with go to Statements - Donald Knuth.
> In context having the default be sanity checks turned on, is 
> probably the right way to go.

I thought `enforce` was our `-release` mode error checking 

Why don't we encourage that instead of trying to change 
things(which will result in a battle of inertia).

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