Accessing static data of functions

Kagamin spam at here.lot
Tue Oct 19 12:17:48 UTC 2021

On Thursday, 14 October 2021 at 14:21:21 UTC, Ogi wrote:
> I’m writing a game engine that should support a dynamic plugin 
> system similar to what Manu Evans described in his talk. 
> Basically, game objects are defined in modules to be compiled 
> as DLLs and loaded dynamically. This allows making 
> modifications without even restarting the game. Plugin manager 
> detects a modification in a plugin source file, serializes all 
> game objects into text, unloads a DLL, recompiles it, loads it 
> again and deserialize the game objects back.

Back in the days games had quick save and quick restore 
functionality, a plugin should be able to save its state in such 
savegame, then you can combine quick save + plugin swap + quick 
restore to get what you want.

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