Thoughts on versioning

Ola Fosheim Grøstad ola.fosheim.grostad at
Tue Oct 26 15:12:55 UTC 2021

On Tuesday, 26 October 2021 at 14:43:19 UTC, Andrei Alexandrescu 
> I regret I forgot to mention in the initial post that we're not 
> looking at v2. We're looking at v2, v3, v4, ... released e.g. 
> at an annual or trienal pace. It's the having a fish vs. 
> knowing how to fish problem.

If you expect the std lib to break at this rate, then maybe slim 
it down and have optional foundation-backed libraries instead?

What I like about C++ is that the std lib breakage up till now 
has been fairly insignificant, and that std lib expansions are 
tied to language expansions.

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