Thoughts on versioning

Ogi at
Thu Oct 28 15:30:09 UTC 2021

On Thursday, 28 October 2021 at 14:00:48 UTC, Robert burner 
Schadek wrote:
> What about a compiler daemon library thing that you could write 
> small programs for that converts the use of the deprecated 
> feature/function into the up to date version.
> Think small scale python 2to3 script, but programmable and 
> something that actually understands the language.
> That way, when you break and api or the language, you provide a 
> fix script for each.
> Apply them one after the other and you breaking change isn't 
> technically breaking anything anymore.
> So that way when you update your old program that used D 
> 120.4.7 to 202.7.2 you rust run the 82 batches of fix up 
> scripts and move on with your life.

That would be cool. And it would be extra cool if it could 
compile the program after each iteration to verify that it 
actually, well, compiles.

When you think of it, this sounds like an obvious solution. Was 
something like this done before in some other programming 
language or library?

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