Thoughts on versioning

Greg Strong mageofmaple at
Fri Oct 29 21:26:52 UTC 2021

On Friday, 29 October 2021 at 19:21:43 UTC, harakim wrote:
> Based on the discussion, it seems like there is not really a 
> coherent vision and things get added here and there. That is 
> not how popular languages are. Their releases are few and far 
> between and they take breaking changes very seriously.

Well, there is a bit of chicken-and-egg problem here.  Difficult 
to become popular if we don't make some breaking changes to 
address some issues, but also difficult to become popular if we 
do make breaking changes.  I also think that this thread shows a 
serious attitude toward the issue, although I can't really speak 
to the distant past...

Finally, I'd point out that popular languages do this as well.  
Python needed to transition to Python 3, and they did.  I also 
just looked in on Scala after a couple years of paying no 
attention, and apparently they just made what appears to be a 
very large changes in a transition to Scala 3 (although you could 
argue it's a stretch to call Scala a popular language...  It's a 
language I've never really used but keep looking in on from time 
to time because it is certainly an interesting language.)

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