What kinds of Software do you create in D.

Preetpal preetpal.sohal at gmail.com
Sat Oct 30 16:36:46 UTC 2021

On Saturday, 30 October 2021 at 01:48:25 UTC, harakim wrote:
> I'm curious: Is there a poll somewhere that asks what kind of 
> software projects people write in D? If not, what does everyone 
> write using the D Language?

Well, I use this application everyday for window management 

It helps me stretch Windows across monitors in my multi-monitor 

I also used D for processing data before and I have written some 
command line tools in it (like a tool to find files based on 
filename, a random password generator). I am planning on using D 
lang more in the future for writing little command line tools as 
I need them.

I plan on tackling larger projects in D lang in the future.

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