Proof of concept for v2 - NO duplication, NO `static if` hell, NO difficulty with interoperability

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Sun Oct 31 20:00:06 UTC 2021

To avoid hijacking the thread with more off-topic, i create a new 

Feel free to ignore if you disagree with my stance, so i can know 
where/when i should stop!

On Sunday, 31 October 2021 at 17:32:07 UTC, Andrei Alexandrescu 
> The problem with forum discussions is that folks without a 
> stake get to envision things that others are to work on. (I 
> don't know what github used IDs various folks have, so I'm 
> saying this in general.) The most important is the take of 
> folks who have a stake in it and a track record, such as 
> (looking at the contributors since 2019 at 
> berni44, n8sh, ibuclaw, MoonlightSentinel and other heavy-hitters. And of course Razvan, the maintainer.

Maybe that highlight the real problem? lack of vision/momentum to 
lead meaningful changes

V2 of a template method shouldn't get more credits than a proper 
standardized networking module that people can use to finally 
play nice in a micro service and cloud native era

But without proper foundation and planning and general 
agreements, it can't go anywhere, therefore it doesn't exist today

> We don't have the resources to do maintenance naively, so we 
> need to look at out-of-the-box solutions that leverage the 
> power of the D language. The assertions that multiple versions 
> can't coexist in the same codebase comes straight from within 
> the box.

Versioning puts even more burden in the maintenance, making sure 
version used doesn't clash

After having worked, and contributed ;), (and i don't value name 
of individual, i value goals and long term results/impacts more) 
to repos like this:

where dependencies all points to different package versions, i 
can tell you that it wasn't a pleasant experience, confusing, 
hard to debug, hard to push changes (you gotta make sure your 
changes gets put in the right version, and you gotta make sure 
your dependency uses the right version too!, now you got a 
version that is offtree, should you call it v2.1 or v3.7

versioning opens gates to even more problems that arise later 
when you are not ready to bother solving them, and you end up 
with zombie code that rots, changing/updating it involves pains 
that are hard to manage


"Lack of resources" shouldn't be an argument used to justify not 
taking proper time and planning to focus on solutions that solve 
real world problems

Talking to a database, making a request to X without having to 
carry curl with you or openssl for example

PR to the project's repo isn't a POC, it's an attempt to justify 
a selfish goal using the name of an individual, wich to me is not 
valuable, because as i said above, it is not an area that needs 
focus, nor will help making that focus happen

I don't want to contribute to make sure little bits of versions 
matches, i want a greater vision, something that empowers people 
in a tangible way


I improved the IDE experience by A LOT, only for my PR to get 
stalled for little details like this, and thus abandoned  (often 
closed by me)

This discussion too can lead to change, so it's not useless, as 
you said: "so we need to look at out-of-the-box solutions", here 
is mine!

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