Feedback Thread: DIP 1042--ProtoObject--Community Review Round 1

Mike Parker aldacron at
Mon Jan 10 13:48:42 UTC 2022

## Feedback Thread

This is the feedback thread for the first round of Community 
Review of DIP 1042, "ProtoObject".


I will be deleting posts that do not follow the Feedback Thread 
rules outlined at the following link:

The rules are also repeated below. Recently, I have avoided 
deleting posts that violate the rules if they still offer 
feedback, but I'm going to tighten things up again. **Please
adhere to the feedback thread rules.**

The place for freeform discussion is in the **Discussion Thread** 

You can find DIP 1042 here:

The review period will end at 11:59 PM ET on January 24, or when 
I make a post declaring it complete. At that point, this thread 
will be considered closed and any subsequent feedback may be 
ignored at the DIP author's discretion.

### Feedback Thread Rules
Posts in this thread that do not adhere to the following rules 
will be deleted at the DIP author's discretion:

* All posts must be a direct reply to the DIP manager's initial 
post, with the following exceptions:
      - Any commenter may reply to their own posts to retract 
feedback contained in the original post;
      - The DIP author may (and is encouraged to) reply to any 
feedback solely to acknowledge the feedback with agreement or 
disagreement (preferably with supporting reasons in the latter 
      - If the DIP author requests clarification on any specific 
feedback, the original commenter may reply with the extra 
information, and the DIP author may in turn reply as above.
* Feedback must be actionable, i.e., there must be some action 
the DIP author can choose to take in response to the feedback, 
such as changing details, adding new information, or even 
retracting the proposal.
* Feedback related to the merits of the proposal rather than to 
the contents of the DIP (e.g., "I'm against this DIP.") is 
allowed in Community Review (not Final Review), but must be 
backed by supporting arguments (e.g., "I'm against this DIP 
because..."). The supporting arguments must be reasonable. 
Obviously frivolous arguments waste everyone's time.
* Feedback should be clear and concise, preferably listed as 
bullet points (those who take the time to do an in-depth review 
and provide feedback in the form of answers to the questions in 
the documentation linked above will receive much gratitude). 
Information irrelevant to the DIP or which is not provided in 
service of clarifying the feedback is unwelcome.

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