Full D IDE in the browser - something to pursue?

russhy russhy.rsy at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 00:08:02 UTC 2022

Other than syntax coloring for vscode-web i don't think having 
the full suite is necessary

I'd rather see more investment being made in improving DCD, there 
still lot of areas where it just is bad..

- ``auto data = cast(Data*) myPtr;`` this is basic code and yet 
DCD can't figure out what ``data`` is

- ``T get_x(T)(); auto x = get_x!float;`` DCD can't figure out 
it's a float

- ``const(int) myInt;`` DCD can't tell me it's a const

There are many more little things like that that just doesn't work

For a language that rely heavily on these features, it should be 

And i don't think the D audience is using web based IDE, it's a 
system language

That would be a smarter time investment, getting basic things 
supported is long overdue

Because right now it's pretty rough compared to the competition 
(rust language server with analyzer)

We need retain people in the language, tooling is still rough 
decades later, that drives people away..

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