Scientific computing and parallel computing C++23/C++26

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Tue Jan 18 18:32:41 UTC 2022

On Tuesday, 18 January 2022 at 17:24:03 UTC, jmh530 wrote:
> On Tuesday, 18 January 2022 at 17:03:33 UTC, sfp wrote:
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>> You must also consider that the items that bioinfornatics 
>> listed are all somewhat contingent on each other. In isolation 
>> they aren't nearly as useful. You might have a numpy/scipy 
>> clone, but if you don't also have a matplotlib clone (or some 
>> other means of doing data visualization from D) their utility 
>> is a bit limited.
>> His wishlist is a tall order.
> Have you tried ggplotd [1]?
> [1]

I haven't tried it. I also hadn't heard of it before.

Judging from the small number of GitHub issues it appears that it 
is used by basically no one and that it's missing crucial 
standard features supported by all mature plotting libraries. In 
one of the issues the main developer indicated he is no longer 
adding new features. This library seems to be: 1) quite young, 2) 
not actively developed, 3) not actively maintained.

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