cross compilation Linux Wine AdobeAir USB

bob micky at
Wed Jan 19 13:25:34 UTC 2022

Hi all. I read about D language recently and it has grabbed my 
interest. I am self learning ATM all things regarding cross 
compilation and I think this could be a job for DLang further 
down the line.
I posted on a Linux Mint forum a problem I am having just to test 
proof of concept and thought Id re-post here to see if I could 
get further direction to solving the problem if it is at all 
possible. Below is a copy of the text or this is the forum link.


I am attempting to control a USB digital signal processor (DSP) 
with my Mint Cinnamon 'Ivy Bridge' Laptop.

The plugin which controls it is written with Adobe Air and was 
only ever designed with Windows in mind. However I can't see why 
its not possible to run it on the Linux.
The toolchain looks like this:

Plugin.exe - Adobe Air v2.6 (last supported for Linux) - .NET 
framework(v4.5) - WINE 6.02 - my Kernel(5.4.0-94-generic) - USB 

Now Iv written it out it does seem complex! :lol:
Well I have the plugin working and the device is recognised by 
the kernel but it won't connect.
I have one error when launching the plugin from terminal:

0024:err:winsock:WSAIoctl -> ?('', 12, 18) request failed with 
status 0x2733
(2 identical instances?)

And when I try to connect within the plugin i get:

Failed to run module constructor due to (null) 
type:TypeInitializationException member:(null)

I think the last error is to do with .NET framework, maybe the 
version? I'm just looking for a direction to solving this 
problem. I'm still relatively new to Linux but I'm sure this goal 
is achievable as it could mean that the DSP could be controlled 
by an Android head unit which is very much requested by the DSP 
consumers but the manufacturers are not interested.

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