Incremental garbage collection

Chris Katko ckatko at
Thu Jan 20 23:56:42 UTC 2022

I just found out that Unity has incremental garbage collection. I 
didn't know that was a possibility for GCs.

I'm just curious what the D language community's thoughts are on 
it. The tradeoff is: For
a longer total time / lower throughput, you reduce stress on 
individual frames which prevents hiccups. That's pretty darn 
important for games and soft/hard real-time systems.

Is that an option on a hypothetical level, for D? Or does D's 
language design preclude that. I recall some sort of issue with 
using Java/C#/whatever's garbage collector because it would have 
to insert memory barriers into D to work or something like that.

Also, it's hard to find one specific place for "news" regarding 
D's garbage collector development and "omg we deleted everything 
GC from the standard library" projects. Are there any major 
updates on those fronts?

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