A separate GC idea - multiple D GCs

Tejas notrealemail at gmail.com
Fri Jan 21 15:16:32 UTC 2022

On Friday, 21 January 2022 at 14:37:04 UTC, Adam Ruppe wrote:
> On Friday, 21 January 2022 at 13:56:09 UTC, Chris Katko wrote:
>> So a related question: Has anyone ever thought about 
>> "thread-local garbage collection"
> The big problem is that data isn't thread local (including 
> TLS); nothing stops one thread from pointing into another 
> thread. So any GC that depends on a barrier there is liable to 
> look buggy.

Is this intended behaviour? Or was it accidental? Is it atleast 
guaranteed that only one thread can hold a muta le reference?

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