Why people dislike global variables so much while I find them so convenient?

rempas rempas at tutanota.com
Tue Jan 25 11:41:55 UTC 2022

On Tuesday, 25 January 2022 at 10:18:50 UTC, bauss wrote:
> The problem with globals is that anyone and anything can modify 
> it.
> It becomes especially problematic when your program receives 
> input from elsewhere such as connections like sockets, http 
> etc. or even other threads.
> In my opinion globals are fine IFF they're only initialized 
> once (and only one place is allowed to modify them) and/or 
> they're immutable
> Globals are extremely convenient to use and that's also why 
> they're extremely dangerous to use.

This will be a big problem with libraries but I don't see it been 
a big problem with non-library type applications. At least if I 
understand correctly what you are saying (which I probably don't).

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