Would you pay for GC?

bachmeier no at spam.net
Tue Jan 25 14:24:48 UTC 2022

On Tuesday, 25 January 2022 at 03:37:57 UTC, Elronnd wrote:
> Apropos recent discussion, here is a serious question: would 
> you pay for either of these?
> - High-throughput/scalable gc.  High sustained allocation 
> rates, large heaps, many cores, compacting&generational
> - Concurrent gc.  No pauses

What you are going to hear is "I'd like someone else to do a 
bunch of work, and if it benefits me, I'll think about using it."

If you're serious about this, you should put together an 
extensive set of numbers demonstrating clear failure of D's 
garbage collector, failure of existing D solutions, and 
well-defined opportunities for improvement.

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