Would you pay for GC?

rikki cattermole rikki at cattermole.co.nz
Wed Jan 26 00:03:26 UTC 2022

After reading my book on GC, you're kinda right.

Right now a generational GC wouldn't be possible in D due to not having 
write barriers.

However this is not a language limitation and can be freely added to the 
compiler implementation as an opt-in solution. The GC interface of 
course is also freely modifiable and would too need to be modified.

Right now there is only two sort of wins I can see being possible.

1) Make the current conservative GC support snapshotting for concurrency 
on Windows.
2) Support a task/fiber aware GC. This will kinda give us a generational 
GC, without actually being a generational GC.

Either way, still no reason to think we need to change the language to 
make more advanced GC's possible.

Just to be clear, that book clearly states that a generational GC is not 
always the best solution. It is not worth complicating the language by 
adding a whole new pointer type just to make this possible even if it 
was required (which it absolutely isn't).

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