Building from source on Windows

forkit forkit at
Fri Jan 28 22:45:31 UTC 2022

On Friday, 28 January 2022 at 22:35:14 UTC, max haughton wrote:
> I can't help if you don't say what you've actually tried to do. 
> I haven't actually worked on D directly from windows for a 
> while now so I can only fix things that are broken or point you 
> in the right way rather than dictating what you are to do (in 
> part because I'm not a slave)

As a systems admin/engineer, I build production systems from 

They are **guaranteed** to work, as defined.

I can provide the instruction/scripts to others, they can run 
them, and they WILL work... ** guaranteed **

That's the approach I want to take here (as opposed to the 
approach your suggesting, which starts from an existing system, 
and which for me, has just wasted too many hours of my life that 
I cannot get back).

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