Building from source on Windows

forkit forkit at
Sun Jan 30 04:33:32 UTC 2022

On Sunday, 30 January 2022 at 00:37:46 UTC, MoonlightSentinel 

there appears to be another (separate) problem with compiling the 

in file:


it contains this line:
DFLAGS=-O -release -m$(MODEL)

but -m is not a valid option in dmd??

I changed that line to:
DFLAGS=-O -release

and I was then able to build all the tools

(excluding dman which says someeting about a .json file that I 
don't understand - but I don't know what dman.exe is anyway, so 
not too bothered :)

C:\source\D\tools>make -f win32.mak "ROOT=generated\windows\64" 
"MODEL=" generated\windows\64\dman.exe
'Build d-tags.json and copy it here, e.g. by running:'
"    make -C ../ -f win32.mak d-tags.json && copy 
../ d-tags.json"
dmd -O -release -ofgenerated\windows\64\dman.exe dman.d -J.
dman.d(131): Error: file `"d-tags.json"` cannot be found or not 
in a path specified with `-J`
dman.d(131):        Path(s) searched (as provided by `-J`):
dman.d(131):        [0]: `.`

--- errorlevel 1

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