[Dlang-internal] XML support in libphobos

Carsten Schlote carsten.schlote at gmx.net
Wed Jul 15 15:39:21 UTC 2020


there is a definite removal date for std.xml in the docs now:
> It will be removed from Phobos in 2.101.0.


Will basic XML support be removed from libphobos entirely? Are we 
forced to use external libraries?

We use simple XML code in some D shebang scripts at work. It is a 
fine feature, that we never needed external dependancies, just 

Removing the simple but working XML code from libphobos also 
removes some advantages from using D for scripting, IMHO.

Having everything essential in libphobos and no external 
dependancies was a great argument for using D vs. using other 
popular languages and alternatives in the past.


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