[dmd-beta] For those who want to try out new features

Walter Bright walter at digitalmars.com
Mon Jan 18 03:03:15 PST 2010

Rainer Schuetze wrote:
> So, if you want to make the qtd-people happy, issues #3600 and #3647 
> should be addressed.

They're done now.

> And another thing: when there are forward references that are not 
> resolved for a long time, Module::runDeferredSemantic() can waste a 
> lot of memory and cpu-cycles. It should not retry between every new 
> symbol in a class or struct, but only when some sensible progress is 
> made (e.g. if Module::dprogress > 0). runDeferredSemantic() must then 
> be forced to run once before running semantic2() on the modules.
> It's not easy to create a small test case, but qtd fails to compile 
> with "out of memory" without this change.

Could you put your patch into bugzilla, please?

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