[dmd-beta] dmd 1.060 and 2.045 beta

Robert Clipsham robert at octarineparrot.com
Mon May 3 05:07:16 PDT 2010

On 03/05/10 07:57, Walter Bright wrote:
> Attempt again to fix the dwarf problems.
> http://ftp.digitalmars.com/dmd1beta.zip
> http://ftp.digitalmars.com/dmd2beta.zip

This beta does not fix the DWARF issues, the following test case still 

void function(void function(void function())) foobar;

void main()

This said, building dmd r466 from the repository myself causes 
everything to work nicely. My guess is you haven't updated the binary... 
That or something works differently when dmd is compiled in debug mode.

Is there any chance you could take a look at including 
http://d.puremagic.com/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=3214 too? It might be a 
good idea to apply it in svn just after this release, so we don't end up 
breaking debug info again though, and it'll give it more chance to get 
it tested properly. Seems to work from my quick tests, but my quick 
tests are the reason we're having this release :/

Thanks :)

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